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About Cuddly Bear

Cuddly Bear Child Care and Kinder is a privately owned and operated long day care centre and Government Funded Kindergarten, We provides care and education from the age of 3 months to 6 years. It aims to provide an environment where children feel the centre is their second home.

Cuddly Bear is a Multicultural Centre. We share a commitment to human rights, dignity of the individual and social justice. We encourage children to respect other cultures. We provide activities, food, songs, and stories, which are reflective of other countries and cultures.

Being a multicultural centre, the first few years of early childhood are the most important years in children’s life. Where they can learn and practice their listening and cognitive skills. By introducing to different languages to children through stories, music, and singing. We also introduce them to sign language through flash card.

We have highly qualified, experienced, and trained staff. When relief staff are needed we endeavour to draw from regular relief staff.

The centre is open weekdays between the hours of 7.00am and 6.30pm except public holidays, when the centre is closed.

Cuddly Bear is a registered Centre with the Department of Human Services and complies with the Children's Services Regulations Act 2009.

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Dear Bec,

I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for the wonder job you have done caring for my children this past 12months. Both Dylan & Jamie have enjoyed coming to cuddly bear, it took one of my children a little longer to settle in at first but you guys did an amazing job and now loves it.

Not only have you looked after them you have taught tem new things, both Dylan and Jamie have come along way with your kinder programs. I thank your kinder teacher for all the efforts she puts in. (Dylan is sad to say goodbye)

It will be sad to say goodbye as they both really coming along and have made good friends.

I would like to thank all staff; everyone is always so nice, you always look happy. Cuddly bear is definitely a great place to send your children.

Thank you is not enough for what you guys do.


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:: Give continuous, constant loving care - it is as essential for the minds health, as food is for the body.

:: Give generously of your time and understanding - playing with and reading to your child, matters more than a tidy, smooth - running house.

:: Provide new experiences and bathe your child in language from birth onwards - they enrich his growing mind.

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